Juan Pablo Jofre (Bandoneon)

반도네온 연주자이자 작곡가인 제이피 요프리는 자작곡을 포함, 아스토로 피아졸라 같은 전설적인 작곡가들의 작품들을 통해 진정한 해설들을 보여주고 있다.
뉴욕 타임즈에서 가장 흥미로운 연주자로 주목받았으며, 링컨센터가 이 시대의 선두적인 예술가 중 1명으로 선정 한 바 있다.

Juan Pablo Jofre (also known as JP Jofre) (born 1983) is an Argentinian musician, composer, and arranger. He plays the bandoneon. J.P. Jofre was raised in San Juan, Argentina. He attended San Juan's Escuela de Musica. He primarily was a drummer, and also studied the vibraphone, bassoon, piano, singing and double bass.

He has been called a 'creative composer,' by Paquito D'Rivera. His compositions range in genre and sound including jazz and string orchestra.
In March, 2014, he debuted his Bandoneon Concerto with the Symphony Silicon Valley in San Jose, California. He has performed on Rosie Live.