Go Ara (Vocal)

Studied under Malo
Master's Course at Dongduk Women's University 2010
Performance and Recordings
Featuring Go Ara Quartet, Hong Hyeseon Choir, Yang Neungseok Quintet, Female Vocal Duo-Double Shot, Acustic Cafe
MBC Jeong Euna's I Concert 2005
MBC In a Starry Night 2005

Traffic Radio Station, Bang Eunjin's Journey to the Night 2009
SBS Gang Seongyeon's Ages of Love 2009
Featuring Bassist Park Suhyeon's 1st Album-When Twenty Five
2011 Korean Tour of Quincy Jones-Welcome Quincy Jones
2011 Lee Geonmin's 1st Album Après la tristesse
Faculty Member of Dongshin University, Honam University