Jason Lee (Saxophone)

(Aka. Lee Seunghun. Born August 13, 1981)
Graduated Anyang Arts High School
Bachelor of Arts in Professional Music, Berklee College of Music, Boston
Studied under Dino Govoni, Walter Beasley, Shannon LeClaire

Performance and Live/Recording Session
Green Plugged Festival, Seoul 2010
2012 Party Stage (Jason Lee) at 9th Jaraseom International Jazz Festival 2012
Pan Theatre Jazz Festival, Seoul, Korea Vol.3/5
Swarovski Jazz Night at Daelim CA Museum
Accompanied Performance with Busan Philharmonic Orchestra-New Year's Eve Concert
UMF Korea Live Stage (Jason Lee Tribe) 2014

Jason Lee-Show Me 2010
Jason Lee Tribe-Jason Lee Tribe 2014